Yin Yang Symbol – My Logo

The Yin Yang symbol I use as both a personal symbol and as a logo for my practice reminds me to attempt to stay balanced. Opposites exist simultaneously. If I fall into “black and white, either/or, us versus them” thinking, the symbol is a visual reminder that helps me stay on track. The Feminine and the Masculine are both represented in this beautiful Taoist symbol, as are other supposed opposites. Notice in the black space there is a seed of white, and in the white space a seed of black. The Yin Yang symbol is also cyclical. We tend to encounter the same healing opportunities over and over again but on a spiral so we can go deeper and deeper each time.

I also use the Medicine Wheel in my work. Adapted from Aboriginal culture (Plains tribes), the Medicine Wheel simply reminds me to consider the importance and energy I give to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of my life. Once again, it is a reminder to seek balance.