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To my dear Facebook Author Page followers and Newsletter subscribers, I am updating you on my book progress. I finished writing the complete draft of my book before leaving on my Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete, Greece this past September. Up to that point, I had been sharing draft chapters with my Sophia Women’s Wisdom sisterhood, with my own sister-friend, and with other women I serve who I thought would benefit from particular strategies in the book. Their feedback has been invaluable. One major result has been the re-naming of my book to Another Spring: A Year of Self Therapy & Spiritual Practices.

I am learning so much about the publishing world! I’m learning that once a book proposal is sent to publishers, it takes at least 7 to 12 months (or longer) for them to respond! I write and send proposals once a week now but it could be this time next year (or longer) before I know anything. When I actually do hear back, that is when the real publishing process finally starts!!

Self publishing in 2024

I am learning that this process is years in the making, not weeks or months, I may not want to wait that long as many of you have expressed interest in purchasing my book now (or at least sooner). This is why I am considering self publishing in 2024. I haven’t made a final decision yet so I will continue sending out proposals to traditional publishers. I promise to keep you updated.

Thank you from my heart for your kindness, your support and most of all – patience! One way I can properly thank you is to provide you with excerpts on a semi regular basis from what might be a long awaited book, and to continue to offer you soul food with posts, strategies, and practices on my Facebook Meta Author page and in my blogs on my website. I ask you to please share pieces and posts with your friends or family who might benefit from them. As each one of us evolves consciously, we contribute to the collective consciousness of everyone on the planet.

We can save the world by saving ourselves

I truly believe together we could save our beautiful home by individually working on ourselves. We can save the world by saving ourselves. That’s my personal message and why I do the work I do, and write what I write. I am also asking you to be patient with the reality of the publishing world, and to stick with me through this. Keep loving and honoring yourself. Thank you. Terry Folks, Winter Solstice 2023