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  • Samhain 2023

    Samhain 2023

    Beth Ann asked. . . Dear Ms. Terry, What is Samhain? Is it the same as Hallowe’en? How do you pronounce it? Where does it fit in the calendar of the old religion? I am just learning Earth based spirituality so I’m wondering how this all ties together. I know … big questions … but…

  • Grief Gift Meditation Moment

    Grief Gift Meditation Moment

    Preparation Grief Gift Meditation Moment by Terry Folks (You have about 15 seconds to get comfortable!)

  • Sacrifice one of Your Fears on Lammas

    Sacrifice one of Your Fears on Lammas

    Lammas reminds us. . . to check in on the ripeness or fullness of fruits and vegetables for the first early harvest. On this day, we are reminded that what we planted in the springtime – whether it be ideas, hopes, projects or other plantings – is now up for review at this time of…

  • Tea With Terry: Summer Solstice

    Tea With Terry: Summer Solstice

    This month’s blog features Summer Solstice. Celebrating Summer Solstice (Litha) Litha comes from earth-based spirituality, each year on June 20, 21, or 22. This note from Carla led me to think about it: Dear Ms. Terry, What is Earth based spirituality and what are some ways to practice it? Curious, Carla I replied, Dear Carla,…

  • Tea With Terry:  Mirror Work

    Tea With Terry: Mirror Work

    Mirror Work has a long history in improving self esteem. That is not the goal of this next strategy but that might be one of the side effects. The focus this time is attempting to make contact with your Deep Self. Try holding eye contact with yourself in your mirror until you feel you have…

  • Tea With Terry:  An Honourable Harvest

    Tea With Terry: An Honourable Harvest

    Harvesting Cottonwood and Making Balm of Gilead in Spring – here’s how!   Normally we harvest cottonwood buds mid to late April, but Spring arrived late on the Island this year, so my partner and I are only just now collecting these beautiful sticky jewels. The photos below show you what an intact cottonwood branch…

  • Tea With Terry: A Message from Chloe

    Tea With Terry: A Message from Chloe

    I have a good life. I’ve made some excellent decisions, and some not-so-great ones. I have friends and family, and I’m active. My work is semi-fulfilling. I’m able to buy pretty much what I need or want. Despite this fairly decent life, I feel like something is missing. . .

  • Tea With Terry: Optimism in Troubling Times

    Tea With Terry: Optimism in Troubling Times

    During our two daily walks with our four month old puppy, my partner and I are carefully observing “physical” distancing with each other, and with those we encounter on the trails. We prefer the phrase “physical” distancing over “social” distancing in our language-ing of this important health advisory. “Physical distancing” says exactly what it is…

  • A Meditation Moment

    A Meditation Moment

    Experience Working with Terry Occasionally, at the beginning of your therapy sessions, I may lead you through a shorter, guided Meditation Moment similar to this one. It’s designed to help you feel safe and grounded in preparation for your sacred conversation together. The meditation begins and ends with the sound of a gong, and provides…

  • Why Spirit First

    Why Spirit First

    “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Teilhard de Chardin My personal journey has led me to understand that religion and spirituality are not necessarily the same thing. There were two paths I travelled simultaneously. One path saw me raised in organized religion beginning with…