SpiritFirst - Terry Folks

Facilitated Women’s Spirituality Group

Sophia Women’s Wisdom Spirituality Group is our annual, carefully developed, small group of women who meet once a month for ten months. Participants are personally invited from the women we work with in our practice- either therapy or healing touch- as a relationship has already been established and developed.

We explore the wisdom of women in the various global spiritual and religious traditions but we always return to our own ways of knowing in the room, in this community, on this island, at this time.

Spiritual practices are introduced and explored, and soul work (homework) is inspiring, intriguing and open to creative possibility in written, artistic or other therapeutic forms.

The Facilitator

The group is facilitated by Terry Folks. She leads the group into worlds of wisdom then gracefully recedes into the background as she continues to guide the group in its self-realization.

Terry is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She is both a scholar and a practitioner of various spiritual traditions from around the world.

How We Work

This group of like-minded women is offered by invitation.

We meet one day a month from 2:30 to 5 pm for 10 sessions in total.

We decide together if we are meeting for 10 consecutive months or if we agree to taking certain months off (like July or August) if more of us will be away. Regardless, it’s for 10 months and scheduling is collaborative.

The feedback over the years from participants in Sophia is that it is a wonderful way to connect with other women who are open and interested in expanding their understanding of what it means to be “wise” from a spiritual perspective, but also from a women’s perspective.

The women who gather inevitably bond and build a lovely support network. Many participants did not see themselves as “group” people but Sophia did not feel like a typical “group.” The other feedback is that participants really look forward to seeing each other every month.

The teaching segment is thought provoking. The homework (soul work) is motivating and ultimately healing.The experience in Sophia is gentle yet profound.

Participants are given the titles of the Sophia reading list when they register so they can get started on their CHOICE of reading.

If you have ANY questions about Sophia, please contact Terry.

UPDATE: We are at Full Capacity for the 2023 and 2024 Sophia Groups, and are maintaining a Wait List for 2025. I am considering offering Sophia Women’s Wisdom virtually, and will let you know under this UPDATE when I am prepared to do so.