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Tea With Terry: Mirror Work

image tea with terry

Mirror Work has a long history in improving self esteem. That is not the goal of this next strategy but that might be one of the side effects.

The focus this time is attempting to make contact with your Deep Self. Try holding eye contact with yourself in your mirror until you feel you have connected with that Deep Self, or Higher Self. This is the Self beneath your appearance, role, label, and mask.

It might feel contrived at first, but persist. This bond is for life, and dependable.

image Nesting Dolls

With the framed photo of yourself as a child, once again, you are attempting to bond … this time with “little you”.

In my practice, we externalize your “little you” so you can get to know her. Of course she is part of you and will always be. You are responsible for her.

Having her image on your Earth Tray will remind you daily to care for her. Your younger selves at various ages are all within. Visualizing Matryoshka (nesting dolls) might help as you consider your little selves at various ages inside you. Can you make contact?

Add these pieces and practices to your Earth Tray ritual whenever you like. Notice the subtle but profound results in your daily life.

I would love to know how your life is affected by these new additions to your daily experience at your Earth Tray.

In light, Terry