SpiritFirst - Terry Folks

Terry Folks is a Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist with a thriving practice on Vancouver Island, Canada. She serves people all over the world, North America, Canada, British Columbia, and here at home on beautiful Vancouver Island on the West Coast.

She continues to serve via TeleCounselling and selected In-Person – All claimants under the Physicians Health Program (all physicians), Homewood Health, Crime Victim Assistance (all claimants), Arete, Mental Health Care Professionals (therapists and counsellors), and ALL private individuals.

Check out more information about her services here.  Or reach her directly using either the form on the  Contact page or by emailing her at spiritfirstcounselling@gmail.com.

SpiritFirst Counselling

Women and men who feel “stuck”  or concerned about their mental health choose Terry because of her reputation for providing a safe and nurturing healing work space.

She is known for helping individuals change patterns and move forward on their healing Journey.

Terry is registered with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and certified by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Terry is also a Reiki Master. Since she is trained in distance healing, she will offer Reiki during every session – short distance across from each other In Person (not on the table) or long distance during TeleCounselling.

Terry’s Approach


Heart-Centered Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. Both SpiritFirst Counselling and SpiritFirst Healing Touch focus on the bio-psychosocial-spiritual resources and obstacles affecting you.


ALL of us are hurt by an unjust society – women, children, and men. Terry is especially concerned with the healing of women and girls from social injustice, physical and sexual violence, emotional abuse and trauma.


Terry combines her extensive life experience with all SIX senses in her work in the Counselling Room and in the Healing Touch Treatment Room.


Terry believes that both ignorance and a fear of differences hurt people.  While she often works with heterosexual individuals, she is also completely at ease working with individuals in the LGBTQ community.

Inclusive also means she works with individuals of all ages and abilities (her practice is wheelchair accessible).

Spiritually Integrated

Terry offers spiritual strategies when this is appropriate for her clients.


Terry uses client-centered psychotherapy which focuses on relationship as the primary catalyst for change.


Terry offers solution-focused strategies for goal setting and change.

 Terry’s Specialities

Terry specializes in Women’s Issues, and offers support for Life Transitions including:

Post Trauma WorkAbuse Recovery
Grief/LossRelationship Challenges
CommunicationElder care
Empty NestWork Stress
Family challengesMenopause
Chronic Illness/Pain ManagementAddictions
Stopping SmokingRecovery
CodependenceBoundary Work

Terry’s Facilitated Groups & Workshops

Nymph Falls

Terry facilitates a number of groups and workshops.

  • Sophia Women’s Wisdom Groups
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Training and Practice
  • Art Therapy
  • Walk and Talk Therapy
  • Forest Bathing (Shin Rin Yoku)
  • Ritual Design for Healing
  • Moving On

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We are grateful to live, work and play on the traditional and unceded territory of the K’omox First Nation