SpiritFirst - Terry Folks

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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

I facilitate workshops and deliver talks on a variety of topics. See the list below for examples.

  • Peer Counselling for Women (Women Whisperers)
  • Boundaries
  • The “Me in We” (Codependence Recovery)
  • Heartwise Communication with Partners, Family Members, Employers/Employees
  • Living With Difficult People
  • The Wellness Wheel and Self Care for New Moms, Caregivers, Health/Mental Health Professionals
  • Good Grief
  • Mindfulness Strategies for All Ages
  • Eco-feminism and Goddess Spirituality
  • Re-Parenting the Self – Deep Healing of Trauma
  • The Spiritual Autobiography
  • Outreach Counselling for Individuals and Groups on Vancouver Island, and the outer Islands
    (Hornby, Denman, Quadra, Cortez, Gabriola)

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