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  • Summer Solstice/Litha

    Summer Solstice/Litha

    Celebrating the longest day of the year on June 20, 21 or 22; a poem and a prompt for Summer Solstice/Litha. Summer Solstice  bare feet on…

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  • Beltane/May Day

    Beltane/May Day

    An excerpt from my book – Another Spring – to guide and inspire you in your Beltane/May Day celebrations. Also known as May Day, Beltane is…

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  • Ostara – Another Spring: Death & Rebirth

    Ostara – Another Spring: Death & Rebirth

    A simple “death & rebirth” ritual you can do this season to release what no longer serves you, and to welcome in something new. If you…

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  • What is Imbolc?

    What is Imbolc?

    “Dear Ms. Terry, What exactly is Imbolc? Curious, Esther” Dear Esther, Imbolc (pronounced em-bulk) is February 1st this year. In Celtic spirituality, Imbolc is about halfway between…

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  • Book Excerpt – Vision Board Strategy

    Book Excerpt – Vision Board Strategy

    A Yule gift from me to you. The following excerpt detailing a vision board strategy is from my upcoming book Another Spring: A Year of Self…

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  • Terry’s Book Updates 2023

    Terry’s Book Updates 2023

    To my dear Facebook Author Page followers and Newsletter subscribers, I am updating you on my book progress. I finished writing the complete draft of my…

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  • Samhain 2023

    Samhain 2023

    Beth Ann asked. . . Dear Ms. Terry, What is Samhain? Is it the same as Hallowe’en? How do you pronounce it? Where does it fit…

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  • Grief Gift Meditation Moment

    Grief Gift Meditation Moment

    Preparation Grief Gift Meditation Moment by Terry Folks (You have about 15 seconds to get comfortable!)

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  • Sacrifice one of Your Fears on Lammas

    Sacrifice one of Your Fears on Lammas

    Lammas reminds us. . . to check in on the ripeness or fullness of fruits and vegetables for the first early harvest. On this day, we…

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